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Project Management

Aproject is; “A management environment that is created for the purpose of delivering one or more business products according to a specified Business Case.”
At Bisso Construction Group we have highly qualified and accredited construction Project Manager’s, who have several years of construction experience with small to large scale projects.
Interactive Project Management System
We understand that time and money is of the essence for all our projects, by using our own on line Interactive Project Management System (IPMS), we are able to quickly and efficiently communicate with our clients on the current day-to-day progress of the project.

Bisso Construction Group thrives on delivering a quality projects on the lowest possible cost, based on achievable time lines. We appoint a Project Manager to your project, whom is your single point of contact for the entire project. The Project Manager has full control and is the decision maker on behalf of the company.

Additionally our Project Managers can assist with preliminary construction advice, budget costing and professionally manage your commercial or industrial project with a focus on cost, quality and time efficiency. Our IPMS allows the customer to see, the current stage of the project, provide visual photographs of the progress, identify issues, log a daily journal and also be able to communicate with your project manager on line. Hence, we are able to provide a system that enables the construction of any size project quickly and efficiently by means of online communication.

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