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Lease back offers

Bisso Construction Group understands that businesses are under pressure and sometimes outlaying hundreds of thousands of dollars for a new property can add extra pressure to your business.

Looking for the right warehouse or offices can be daunting, "this one has a smaller warehouse, this one has a too large of an office area etc..."

Bisso Construction Group has undergone its research and has developed this Lease Back offer's. This offer has 4 simple step's:
  • we design your warehouse to your requirements and need's.
  • you select the suburb and area you wish this warehouse to be.
  • we pre-agree and sign on a lease contract (namely 4 + 4 years),
  • we build your warehouse for you.
The added benefit is, some businesses state "What if we out grow our business and need a larger warehouse?". Well because you are already leasing our warehouse and want another warehouse of our's, our contracts are worded that if such a case exists our contracts can be cancelled and a new one will be created to the newly created warehouse for you.
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