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Land Aquisition & Planning

Strategic Alliance by means of B2B integration
Bisso Construction Group deals with many agents, developers and investors, thereby being in a position to assist customers in the acquisition of the land. Bisso Construction Group will undergo an assessment of the customers needs and provide information regarding the following:
  • Costs of land and developments
  • Town planning constraints
  • Strategic Developments
  • Easements
  • Costs for Sub Divisions
  • Cost of services
  • Traffic issues and network congestion
  • Identify possible bottle necks
It’s through our holistic approach to land and planning that we add an enormous amount of value to all of our development sites; because we have an enormous wealth of experience and expertise in-house we can offer landowners the best chance of securing a planning permission for the highest value development scheme in the shortest time possible.

Bisso Construction Group will assist clients in locating a suitable land for their business needs. We endeavour in assisting the client in every way possible, by means of B2B and strategic alliance via a joint venture arrangements with clients.

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