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Guaranteed Construction Period

Bisso Construction Group understands that time is of the essence to all companies even us, where by a project is expected to be delievered within the specified time frame. If the project is not delievered within the mentioned time consequences of costs will be incurred by both involved.

Bisso Construction Group has undergone its research and has developed this Lease Back offer's. This offer has 4 simple step's:
  • we design your warehouse to your requirements and need's.
  • you select the suburb and area you wish this warehouse to be.
  • we pre-agree and sign on a lease contract (namely 4 + 4 years),
  • we build your warehouse for you.
The added benefit is, some businesses state "What if we out grow our business and need a larger warehouse?". Well because you are already leasing our warehouse and want another warehouse of our's, our contracts are worded that if such a case exists our contracts can be cancelled and a new one will be created to the newly created warehouse for you.
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